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Our Holiday Donation Drive!

During the holidays, back in December I started a donation drive. The donation drive was successful, and we collected some food, toys, and coats. But still it was very hard to get people to participate. Everyone at some level has been going through hard times right now, and so, not many people wanted to donate things.

Still, we completely filled the community cupboards with mostly food, and a couple warm coats. To everyone who donated, Thank you!

With all the food we collected, e donated to the community cupboards next to Avalon visons store. We had 4 bags of food! WE went two separate days, and when we came back the second day, ALL the food was gone. This was great luck!

Avalon visions store: 2815 Porter Street, Soquel, Santa Cruz, CA

If you want to learn more about the donation project, or see some more pictures, the you an go to my Instagram: @togetherwehelpthem

Now that vacation is over, and we have finished this project, I want to start another one. But I can't decide what to do yet. Do YOU have any ideas? Email me some:

What do you think is the best way to help people in need? Care packages? Go fund me? More food drives? Contact me!

And remember, we can help, but only together!

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