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Helping The Homeless: Blessing Bags

How can we help the homeless? What is a way that anyone can help, even if its small? Shown below is Jahkil Jackson who only when he was 8 years old, wanted to help the homeless. Even when he was young, he started something big.

Credit: Project I am:

When Jahkil was only 5 years old, (now 13) his aunt took him to feed the homeless, and he never understood why they had no home. It bothered him, why were they like that? Jahkil kept pushing his parents, because he wanted to help the homeless so bad. But what can a kid do? Turns out, a lot.

Jahkil started a non-profit called Project I am. Which is an organization that creates "Blessing bags" and gives them out to homeless shelters, people, and also ships them around the world. Now, what are in these blessing bags? Well, most of the things inside these blessing bags are toiletries. Like, hand sanitizer, shampoo and conditioner, or deodorant. Look at the picture below to find out more!

He now has shipped over 35,000 blessing bags all over the world! And it all started with a goal. He has inspired youth all over the world to create and distribute blessing bags. Speaking about what he has done, to motivate kids to follow their dreams. After starting his nonprofit, and giving out blessing bags, he was recognize by Obama!

The most inspiring thing about Jahkil Jackson, is that he is just a kid! feeling empathetic to homeless people is one thing, but taking action even when your 8 years old, is another. I think this is a great example to show all kids that you CAN do something, and you CAN make a difference. He really inspires me to keep going with MY project, and continue to help the world. We may be young, but we are the future generations, we are the ones who will be dealing with the future. If you would like to know more, than check out his social links below:

Find out how you can help:

On his website you can find ways for YOU yourself to help and support his non profit: Project I AM

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