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Little Justice leaders

Little Justice Leaders is an organization that creates subscription boxes to help parents and teachers educate their kids about social justice! You can subscribe now and get a box that comes every month with a theme like, food insecurity, gender pronouns, and more! In the box, you will get info cards, an activity, a good quality children's book, and a poster, magnet, or sticker. Watch an Interview with them here:


The homeless garden project is an organization in Santa Cruz where you can volunteer to help do work in their gardens. They help homeless people or people with no home get job training's and help them get housing and jobs.  While they are being trained, they help in the gardens. Their gardens are taken care of volunteers (just like you) they only run on volunteers who help in the gardens, then the food is sold in stores or at their stand to make money. They get about 3,000 volunteers a year! They need it too! 

Image by Anna Pelzer

MORE ABOUT IT: the Santa Cruz food bank was founded in 1972, Their mission is to end hunger through healthy food, education, and leadership. there are currently 3000 volunteers working to help it, and that's still not enough! every month, 55,000 people depend on them for food, its good to support them, they need the help!

The Santa Cruz Food Bank (second harvest)



Cute Girl Eating Apple

No Kid Hungry

Lending a Helping Hand

The Santa Cruz Community Foundation is a nonprofit- organization in the santa cruz community to help anyone in the community. You can Donate, join or fund them to help others.

Santa Cruz Community Foundation


Pharmacist helping elderly woman

Love for the elderly

Love for the elderly is an organization that helps elderly in nursing homes. There are many ways you can help. Go to the website, and you can send letters, bags, gifts or donate to help the elderly!

No kid hungry is a non-profit- organization that is trying to help kid and families not go hungry. Their message is simple: No child should go hungry. They give breakfast, after school and summer meals to families who can't pay. Donate or join now.

Outdoors Tutoring

The Covid NineTEEN project was created by a bunch of teens to help kids at home. They do tutoring classes, activitys and games to occupy kids or students when at home. Lots of familys that are working from home can't help their kids with school or work. Some can't even do school! This is a way to help and benefit familys with less time. Check it out!


Project I am is run by young Jahkil Jackson, a teen activists with a mission to help the homeless. He helps by distributing blessing bags and educating youth. learn more about Project i am and him, go to the blog and click on: "Blessing bags: helping the homeless"

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