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Organization spotlight: environmental volunteers

Environmental volunteers or EV is an organization that tries to inspire a love of nature and science. Recently, I volunteered there with Dream volunteers, and wanted to learn more about the organization! There are a lot of opportunities for kids to learn, volunteer and be educated about nature and science!

Volunteer opportunities:

EV has LOTS of volunteer opportunities so if you would like to directly learn about them, go to:

-You can sign up to volunteer as a group

-adults can sign up to teach kids

-help teach and promote what EV does to people

-learn about nature and teach (for teens)

There are so many more things you can learn and do on:

so be sure to go on there and learn more! Want to learn more about the nature in Palo alto? EV has a building where you can plan your visit and learn about everything they do in person! (Covid-19 rules may apply)

Watch out for more spotlights and interviews!

Let's Help, Together!

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