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Its Raining Ash!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Currently, In Santa Cruz, CA, fires have broke out around town. Where the fires aren't, there is ash. All the ash from the fires is being blown to the beaches, woods, and houses. Ash is littered everywhere, and the air is thick from smoke. The people of Santa Cruz lie in suspension, for nobody knows what to do.

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Most people near the fires have evacuated, but some don't know what to do. The families that are away from it, could evacuate, but where would they go? Some people have grandparents or friends, but what if you don't? This is an extra dangerous situation because of Covid- 19, so people are torn in different directions. Most people have evacuated to hotels, or friend's houses, but some are still waiting. This is one way that people can become homeless, by a natural disaster.

The fires started because of dry lightning storms that have been going on. This summer, its extremely hot, and so things caught on fire quickly. The fire's first strike was in San Mateo county, and now is slowly reaching around the bay.

Another problem that came up was school. Right now, most Santa Cruz county schools closed down because of the fires. Or, because so many teachers had to evacuate because of the fires. Some small schools are still open right now, but who knows if its going to get worse! All the schools hope their students and teachers don't get hurt.

Also, many people with farms or ranches had to evacuate all their animals. Many people who had farms especially, had to evacuate horses. And many people are worried what they will do with them if it gets any closer.

The fires haven't gone down, but the Santa Cruz fire fighters are working hard to stop the fires. Hopefully, this will end soon and rain will come.

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