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How Can You Stay Happy In The Pandemic?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Everyone in the pandemic has big feelings. But most people are feeling sad, scared, afraid, or angry. It is a hard time we are in and almost everyone has these feelings! So, how do you stay happy if your all alone? How can you feel loved if you are in quarantine?

I met with Erin, a therapist from New York, who has been helping people with these feelings: "Pretty much everyone goes through a point in life that is so difficult, it's hard to cope." Erin has met with people for therapy and most of them feel terrible.

Q: How have people been reacting to the pandemic?

A: People have been acting scared, or worried. They would buy all of the food in stores because they were worried that they would run out, some people even bought dogs for company. They were worried or anxious about everything like if they coughed or their chest hurt. Also, people were sad, sad for losing things like weddings, trips, or graduations. Soon, people just got tired; tired and lonely, like they were no use.

Q: What are some ways you can feel better about yourself?

A: Even when we are apart, we still have things to hold on to. Erin reminded me, "Remember that there are always people that you love, and people who love you." When things are getting hard, it's always good to know that we are getting stronger. Every time we encounter something we are not used to, we get better and stronger. She also said, "I always remind myself that I am getting stronger."

Q: How can we stay hopeful?

A: There are all these scientists and others working to stop this, and help us go on to find the cure and treatment, so we can be safe. But, the biggest thing is that millions of people have changed their behavior so quickly, that means we can change things for ourselves. If we can change that, we can do anything!

Q: What can kids do to help people?

A: One of the best things to do is to reach out to people who are lonely or sick. You could write them a note, send them mail or a video --anything that helps bring hope. It's really hard for people to go this long without seeing or touching other people. You can even contact nursing homes to people who don't have any family (link down below). Everyone loves kids! Kids make everyone feel good and so doing this might help.

What makes you feel good? I hope this blog will help you feel better and have hope for others! Have a great day!

Link for nursing home:

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